About Sarah

A kindness community...

1000 Hearts is a global kindness community that I accidentally started in 2016 because I felt like the world really needed a bit of love.

This community gives me so much faith in humanity - it's beautiful to see people coming together because they believe in the power of kindness.

In my work for non-profits like Lifeline, CanTeen and Cancer Council Tas, I’ve witnessed despair, fury, heartbreak and brokenness (and I’ve had my share as well).

Through it all, I’ve been astounded and touched by the goodness and resilience of the human heart. I’ve seen the power of connection and know that a small act of kindness can make a massive difference to someone who’s hurting.

I believe that being kind to ourselves and others helps us, and our world, to heal. 1000 Hearts brings together a few of my greatest passions. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve collected small items to carry as talismans against fear and sadness…

I started sewing when I was very young and come from a long line of makers…and I believe in people coming together to create positive change.
I was born on Valentine's Day and live in Tasmania, the heart-shaped state, so maybe it was fated that I would start something based on hearts. As well as running 1000 Hearts, I work in the non-profit sector, am Mum to two awesome young adults and will always be the devoted minion of a small black rabbit called Remy.

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Make your own pocket hearts

Making hearts is easy to learn even if you’ve never sewed before.

It uses basic sewing skills with a few little tricks, and the kits come with instructions and the template for the original 1000 Hearts pocket heart.

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