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Bringing 1000 Hearts to Your Community

January 29, 2020
by Sarah De Jonge

As 1000 Hearts grows, I get lots of queries from people who want to make and share hearts and/or run heart-making workshops in their local community. And you know what? Nothing makes me happier than to see these little symbols of love and kindness being shared around the world by people who understand how powerful those small gestures can be. I’m so grateful for all of you who have felt a resonance with my idea and want to share it amongst your people.

This blog will hopefully answer some of the questions I get asked on a regular basis.

First of all, YES! I would love you to bring 1000 Hearts to your community! I started 1000 Hearts to offer up kindness in a world where it’s needed so much, and my intention with this project has always been to increase the amount of goodness in the world. As it’s grown well beyond my original goal, I’ve done my best to set 1000 Hearts up to be as inclusive as possible and my priority is always to embody our core values: kindness, creativity, community, inclusivity & sustainability.

For anyone sharing the project in your local area, I ask that you help me stay true to these values by honouring a few requests and guidelines…

The best place to start is by reading the “Get Involved” and “Become a Heartist” sections on the website – there’s information about materials, videos on how to cut out and sew hearts, the story behind the project and more.

If you would like some ideas around how to structure a group, there’s a Heart-Making Group Session Plan available in my Etsy shop which includes practical tips about set-up, materials and activities you can run with heart-making. You can also purchase kits, materials and pre-made hearts in the 1000 Hearts Etsy shop.

Please, please PLEASE keep your heart-making eco-friendly. This is not a “by the way” request, but reflects one of the core values of 1000 Hearts; sustainability. It says on our website that we share and celebrate kindness through the making and sharing of eco-friendly pocket hearts, and it’s really important that we honour this idea of kindness to Mother Earth as well as her inhabitants.

The best way forward is to use natural fibres and think about your packaging. I recommend pure wool felt and stuffing, cotton threads and biodegradable cellophane packaging (or no packaging at all). For pure wool and stuffing, I recommend www.winterwoodtoys.com.au and for biodegradable bags, I use www.buyecogreen.com.au

Joining this community can change people’s lives and we want everyone to have the opportunity to be part of it, so make sure your heartists know they are part of 1000 Hearts. The website has free PDF downloads of posters, an information flyer, the instructions sheet and a mini-flyer to offer with hearts so people understand their meaning and context.

I would love to share your story and photos to the 1000 Hearts social media pages and/or website, so feel free to email me pictures and some info about how you’re spreading the love – these messages make my day and keep me inspired.

To promote your heart-making group, please use the resources available on the website. Please don’t use my logo or photos without my permission (and I will always ask yours before sharing anything you send me privately). Please don’t create your own social media page or separate project using my ideas and resources.

Most of all, please continue making hearts and spreading kindness. Coming together to make hearts is a beautiful way to connect with others, practice mindfulness and think about self-compassion. Encourage your heartists to be kind to themselves as they learn a new skill and suggest that they keep the first heart they make as a reminder.

If in doubt, I am here to answer questions and help you get the most out of this project. I’m learning as I go along as well, so your questions, ideas and suggestions will be gratefully received, considered and responded to. If you’ve done something that’s not in line with my requests above, please don’t stress – this is an opportunity to chat about it, adjust and carry on together.

Thank you for being here xx



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