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Hearts in New York City!

March 11, 2020
by Sarah De Jonge

This blog is a little different and I hope you love it as much as I do! In September 2019, my beautiful colleague & friend Louise travelled to New York City on the trip of a lifetime to visit her son, who lives and works there. Louise and I came up with the idea at the same time - why not take some hearts to the Big Apple and share some photos on the 1000 Hearts website?? I'd been wanting to do some kind of global story for ages, so this was the perfect opportunity. I thought it would be a bit of fun - what I didn't predict was how powerful these images and stories would be. Over to Louise...

"I travelled to New York City in the fall of 2019 to visit family and came up with the idea of giving out some of Sarah’s 1000 Hearts to random strangers for the purpose of spreading joy, kindness and connection.

New Yorkers seem to love Australians, so whilst I had to initially move out of my comfort zone to approach someone, as soon as I introduced myself and said that I was from Australia, without exception, I  was met with big smiles and friendliness. I would then proceed to explain the 1000 Hearts Kindness Project and follow it up with a request for a photo – again,this was met with genuine interest and consistent willingness to be photographed….not a single knock back!

The collection of pics from my time in New York City feature Hearts in iconic New York places, buildings and situations as well as all the wonderful people that were happy to oblige my request for a Heart pic.

Sharing Hearts in New York added a special dimension to my trip that I would not have experienced otherwise. For me, it reinforced a connection that links us all together, a sense of oneness that can often be triggered by a conversation, a kind and caring interaction….a handmade little Heart.

Enjoy the stories and pictures of Hearts In New York!

The reason for my trip to New York City – my son Nicholas and his wife, Eden, standing outside their apartment building in Chinatown. Chinese immigrants have brought their traditional culture to this neighbourhood in New York City’s Lower East Side.
This “We Welcome All” poster was in the foyer of a Broadway Hotel in the Flatiron District. Welcoming, inclusive, kind. Can you imagine the difference in the world if all countries lived according to this creed?
David was a waiter at “Good Thanks”, an Aussie café in the Lower East Side. This is a tattoo of his cat, Jerry Seinfeld, who helped him get through some tough times. David explained that he hit an all time low following the breakup of his 18 year marriage. He considered suicide but decided on Self Care instead which slowly but surely brought him back to mental health.What a great message for a guy to have emblazoned on his forearm – a male advocate for self-care– an ideal place for a Heart to nestle.
My Airbnb situated in the Lower East Side featured an iconic NY fire escape. How many times have we seen these in movies!
Gaye was a Security Officer manning the front door of a building in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan. Her 5 yr old son, Darius, has anxiety going off to sleep of a night and she was going to give him the Heart to hold.

An incredible atmosphere of respect and reverence pervaded Ground Zero, the 9/11 monument in New York – the Heart was there amidst some of the names of those who died during the tragedy. Alongside the memorial is NYC’s One World Trade Centre, better known as the Freedom Tower,which now sets the record for the tallest building in the United States.
Meet Jerome, the bouncer at a Pop Up Shop in Soho. The queue was 2 blocks long out on the pavement. As I approached Jerome, he raised his hand to politely tell me to get to the back of the line. I quickly explained what I wanted and bingo! He doesn’t look that scary after all does he?
Katz Delicatessen has served legendary pastrami, corned beef, mile high sandwiches and other Jewish deli classics since 1888. It is also the restaurant featured in the movie When Harry Met Sally,where Sally (Meg Ryan) fakes a very public orgasm followed by the classic line,‘I’ll have what she’s having!’ The food was good, but not that good!
Ok….have you ever seen a more cool dude in your life?? I had passed this shop the day before (can’t remember whether it was a rock ‘n roll/adult/or S&M shop!!) and glanced in and saw this guy and thought “Love that look! I’ve got to return and ask him to pose with a Heart”…killer smile to match the killer look Eddie!
Fearless Girl is a bronze sculpture located in front of the New York Stock Exchange in the Financial District of Manhattan.This statue has touched hearts across the world with its symbolism of female empowerment and the resilience of women.At the time of its installation in 2017, the New York Mayor declared that “Fearless Girl stands as a powerful beacon,showing women – young and old that no dream is too big and no ceiling is too high”.
What a cool couple – Stacey and Emma were just hanging out on a Lower East Side street. They wanted to send peace and love to Aussies and wished for more kindness in the world.
Steve, from the New York Fire Department, was happy to hold a heart – gotta love those firies!"
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