Wagga Wagga, Australia

Cath has combined her love of hearting with her passion for empowering young women around the world.

Cath first connected with 1000 Hearts in February 2018, when she requested the instructions and template so she could make hearts with kids in the paediatric ward at her local hospital. She liaised with the hospital play therapist and hearts were given out to teenaged patients, who were also invited to make hearts for their loved ones while they were in hospital. It was at this point that Cath was bitten by the heartist bug and became a little bit excited!

She went on to make 100 hearts in various shades of blue for her 1920s themed 40th birthday celebration, then made more than 150 orange hearts for a Days for Girls High Tea. Cath linked the 1000 Hearts vision of spreading love and kindness with the Days for Girls vision of empowering girls everywhere through health education and access to personal hygiene products, which they distribute around the world. Cath says “Days for Girls is a hygiene program which hopes to empower every girl, everywhere. Period. With kindness and empowerment, the world will be a little brighter, safer and united.”

I so enjoy seeing how people incorporate 1000 Hearts into the causes and passions that they love and support....I wonder what Cath will do next?

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