Melbourne, Australia

Ingrid makes hearts to ease the pain of her son's terminal cancer diagnosis, and to help her stay connected to the love they share.

"I first saw 1000 Hearts on the news while I was waiting for my son to have an emergency CT scan, one of many over the past 10 months. He is 36 and has terminal cancer. He also has a young wife and a 3 year old son - we are all devastated as this is the second time in his life he has had cancer. The first time he was 16 months old.

On seeing the 1000 hearts project, I was inspired by the thought that something so simple could be such a loving way to share kindness and compassion. I bought some of the pre-cut hearts and set about making the little hearts, using my love of embroidery to embellish them. I have found them so uplifting to make and give to the amazing friends and family that have supported all of us along this difficult journey. The cooks, cleaners, gardeners, visitors and shoulders to cry on.

We have shared tears and such love when these hearts find a home. I have made over 100 and they are a way to feel empowered when things are so out of our control. With each stitch, I lovingly remember happier times. I plan to continue to make these little treasured hearts and share the love my son has given me."

Ingrid continues to make hearts and has recently donated some to us so we can share them in our free packs and community hearts program -they are truly delightful and the love in each stitch really shows. I'm so glad you found us, Ingrid - thanks for being here x

Ingrid embellishes her hearts with beautiful embroidery

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