Inspired by 1000 Hearts, Julie created an opportunity for young Balinese people to participate in their community and generate sustainable livelihoods.

Julie came across 1000 Hearts back in the early days and was smitten by the idea. She has shared our hearts with her social work students and in her many Brené Brown workshops which she facilitates.

Julie writes: “over the years, I have visited Bali and made wonderful connections there. I love the Balinese people - their heart, their vulnerability, their passion and their courage. At the beginning of last year we met an incredible group of young people who are deaf and who were being mentored in skills like sewing in order to build a sustainable income and by doing so, contribute to their families rather than being stigmatised and ostracised because if their disability."

These young people are now making “courage hearts”, inspired by 1000 Hearts. They are small fabric hearts filled with volcanic sand from the obsidian lava rock of the sacred Mount Batur in Bali. "They are made by wonderful young people whoa re deaf, at the Yaysan Corti School and Training Centre north of Ubud. This supports them to confidently participate in their community and generate sustainable livelihoods."

Julie wrote me a lovely letter saying “thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inspiring us and hope that together we can spread love, hope and kindness around the world.”

You can find out more at www.couragehearts.com

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