New Beith, Queensland

Following a serious motor vehicle accident, Linda sews hearts to aid her recovery.

"Hi Sarah, my name is Linda. I am contacting you by email, as I'm one of the rare people who is not on social media. Last year I was given a felt heart by a friend who told me all about your 1000 Heart Project. I searched all about it on the internet and this year decided I would undertake the goal to make a 1000 Hearts. I have made 156 hearts so far. I love what you are doing to spread Love, Kindness and Compassion around Australia and the world.

My story is, I am 58 years old. I am married, with one adult son. I worked in childcare, when in October 2019 (nearly 20 months ago), I was in a motor vehicle accident where I was my car was hit by a drugged driver. In the accident I was seriously injured, which left me with multiple fractures and bruising. I required two extensive operations to fix and repair my injuries. I had three and a half months in hospital, which included seven weeks non weight bearing unable to walk, then learning to walk again and undergo extensive rehab. Since January 2020, I have been recovering from my injuries at home. I have yet to return to work.

While being at home, this year I wanted a project to focus on while I continued to recover, so I thought the 1000 Heart Project would be perfect. I bought a starter pack, back in February. I have given a few to friends and family and will share more hearts out within the community. I do find sewing the hearts very cathartic and peaceful and I do believe it's helping me in my recovery. It's good to think of something else other than your own situation. I've come a long way from when I couldn't walk - it's my goal to do some charity walks, when I am able. For now, making hearts is a great way to keep focused on being positive and sharing with others."

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