Ulverstone, Australia

Hearts made in a small Tasmanian town will be given to young people in the Solomon Islands as part of an inspiring volunteer project.

In 2018, I went to Tassie’s gorgeous north-west coast to run a heart-making session and visit a beautiful little gallery and giftshop that was showcasing 1000 Hearts. While I was in the store, I met Nicole, a sales assistant and maker who was super enthusiastic about my project and just a lovely, warm person to boot. As we chatted, we realised we are actually second cousins; our Opas (Dutch grandfathers) were brothers – the joys of small-town Tassie! We stayed in touch and Nicole started sending me photos of her exquisite heart-making and sharing little stories of where they were being shared.

Nicole’s beautiful spotty hearts
Nicole’s beautiful spotty hearts

In March this year Nicole sent me a photo of some gorgeous spotty hearts she’s made – 200 of them to be taken to the Solomon Islands by her Dad who volunteers with the Faith of a Mustard Seed project there. Nicole wrote; “it’s exciting because it’s a very remote island and the various villages have traditionally warred with each other, but are now choosing to work together to build a high school on the island for all the young people to attend, as currently only the wealthy families can continue their children’s education by sending them to boarding school in the capital. This school, when finished, will mean that the student can receive a higher education and increase their chances of success in the future. It is also a fantastic project because it’s being done jointly by the villages and the Aussie teams…it’s not just a gift on a platter from “us” to “them”. Dad will give the hearts to the young people who are on the ground helping to make the dream of education a reality.”

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