Hobart, Australia

Peta is a Newborn Photographer and she has found a unique way of sharing hearts with her clients.

Peta Nikel takes beautiful photos of babies and is no stranger to kindness projects - she donates a session each month to new parents who have previously suffered the loss of a baby. When Peta contacted me requesting rainbow hearts to use for these photo shoots, I didn't hesitate to create a customised batch just for her. I love seeing the photos of babies with the hearts, knowing how miraculous and treasured those moments are.

"I first heard about 1000 hearts when my friend saw their stall at a local Etsy market. She found a stunning rainbow heart that she knew would be amazing for my rainbow baby sessions. These are sessions I give away to one family a month, who’ve suffered the heartbreak of losing a baby and who have now been blessed with a Rainbow Baby.

One of Peta's divine Rainbow Baby photos

It was since then that I learned more about 1000 hearts and I loved everything they stood for as I too share the same values - kindness, community and creativity. My rainbow baby project is very close to my heart and it seemed fitting to be able to incorporate 1000 hearts into them.

Since then I have been in contact with Sarah and we collaborated on a recent shoot, adding more hearts to my collection and spreading more love, through both my sessions and the wonderful organisation that is 1000 hearts."

You can see Peta's work on her website:

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