Adelaide, Australia

The story of a small and courageous heartist who spreads love wherever she goes.

When Reenie-Ann was 3 years old, she had to go to Melbourne for open heart surgery. A beautiful friend made Reenie-Ann and her Mum a pocket heart each which they carried with them everywhere. Now Reenie-Ann is five years old and she has decided she wants to get involved, so she has been making her own hearts and handing them out in random acts of kindness. She gave one to her teacher and her son because they’d been having a tough time. She carries them with her when she goes out and recently, she gave one to the owner of the local fruit and veg shop, who was so blown away by her story that he gave her a bunch of flowers! Kindness begets kindness.

Reenie-Ann’s Mum says she just loves making hearts and this story just makes my day over and over again every time I think of it. To see children connecting with kindness and offering it to others is such a beacon of hope for the future of our world, don’t you think? I think little Reenie-Ann has a bright future ahead of her.

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