Get Involved

There are loads of ways you can get involved, whether you can sew or not.

This is a great place to receive kindness, share the love, make hearts, spread the word,  support the project or all of the above. You can give away one heart or hundreds. You don’t have to be crafty or saintly or anything other than what you are. All you need is a willingness to be kind to yourself, to connect with others and to offer love where it is needed (hint; it’s needed everywhere).

Please acknowledge 1000 Hearts by tagging us on social media and letting people know you are part of this project - this will help our community to grow.

When you connect with 1000 Hearts, you might find yourself giving out kindness to others without thinking about yourself. Kindness is why we’re here and the most important starting point is to offer it to your own precious, imperfect and brave self. That’s why I suggest that you hold onto the first heart you make or receive – keep it as a reminder that you are worthy of love and kindness too.

hand holding heart behind back

How to get involved:

Receive free hearts:

Anyone can contact 1000 Hearts to receive a small pack of free pocket hearts; one to keep and a few to give away.

Fill in your details to share the love

Free hearts are made by volunteer heartists and we are happy to send them anywhere in the world. Please get in touch if you require more than a handful of hearts - we can sometimes help with a few extras if you're unable to make or purchase them yourself.

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Become a Heartist:

You can make your own hearts to spread some love and kindness in your world. See our "Become A Heartist" page for how to get started and to download instructions and template for free.

Spread the love:

  • You can purchase the original pocket hearts to give away in random acts of kindness or pay-it-forward by purchasing hearts for your favourite group, charity, school or wherever love is needed (remember, it’s needed everywhere).

  • If you belong to a group, non-profit organisation, charity, school or community where hearts could be shared, you can fill out a request form to receive a quantity of free hearts to share with your members, clients or students.

Two hands holding up pocket hearts

Becoming a Heartist

Making hearts is easy to learn even if you’ve never sewed before.

It uses basic sewing skills with a few little tricks, and the kits come with instructions and the template for the original 1000 Hearts pocket heart.

Make Your Own Pocket Hearts