The Heartland

The Heartland is a place to share stories about how 1000 Hearts has impacted and inspired people around the world.


Perth, Australia

A passionate and involved heartist, Jules honours us with the darkness and light of her beautiful heart in this story.

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Melbourne, Australia

Ingrid makes hearts to ease the pain of her son's terminal cancer diagnosis, and to help her stay connected to the love they share.

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Hobart, Australia

Peta is a Newborn Photographer and she has found a unique way of sharing hearts with her clients.

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Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Dawn has been making hearts since 2016 and has spread the love to countless people in many different places. Hers is a beautiful story of heartbreak and healing.

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Burnie Regional Arts Gallery

Burnie, Australia

In a lovely little seaside town in Tasmania, there is a fabulous museum and art gallery. And in the museum and art gallery, there is a bunch of wonderful heartists, stitching for kindness that's been shared all over the world.

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Berri, Australia

Rhonda makes hundreds of hearts to honour her beloved son Danny, who took his own life nine years ago.

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Wagga Wagga, Australia

Cath has combined her love of hearting with her passion for empowering young women around the world.

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Hearts 4 Zephyr

Brisbane, Australia

A corporate volunteering day inspired Emma to bring 1000 Hearts to a local charity supporting children escaping domestic violence.

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Adelaide, Australia

The story of a small and courageous heartist who spreads love wherever she goes.

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West Sussex, England

Hearts brought comfort to an anxious new mother on the other side of the world.

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Moree, Australia

If you’ve received a free pack of hearts from 1000 Hearts, I can almost guarantee you’ve got at least one made by this beautiful soul – find out how she got started.

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Kindergarten Teacher

Tasmania, Australia

A kindergarten teacher shared hearts with her young students to teach and encourage kindness.

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Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Orlando, USA

Pocket hearts adorned with tiny embroidered rainbows sit at the memorial site to honour those killed in this horrific shooting.

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Chios, Greece

A lovely story about how hearts reunited old friends and created connections across the globe.

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Ulverstone, Australia

Hearts made in a small Tasmanian town will be given to young people in the Solomon Islands as part of an inspiring volunteer project.

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Manchester Arena Bombing

Manchester, UK

A small gesture of kindness from a stranger can truly make a difference in times of fear.

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Hobart, Australia

A story about my Dad, who has one of the best hearts I know (and makes pretty good ones, too).

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Canberra, Australia

A story about the very beginnings of 1000 Hearts and how one small boy helped to make it happen.

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Chris and Janine

Hobart, Australia

This Hobart couple have incorporated 1000 Hearts into their family in the most beautiful ways.

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Shanzel and Ruby

Lilydale, Australia

It is truly beautiful to see a community come together in a time of loss and tragedy.

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Nanna Janice

Perth, Western Australia

Nanna Janice discovered 1000 Hearts while her grandson was having chemo and she went on to make thousands of hearts for families in similar circumstances.

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Tamborine Mountain, Australia

Creativity and kindness helped Jackie survive unimaginable loss and she now runs a business celebrating magic, love and childhood dreams.

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"Mrs Kafoops"

Tasmania, Australia

Mrs Kafoops prefers to remain anonymous while she spreads love and kindness in her community and beyond.

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Hobart, Australia

Prue Batten is a best-selling author who powerfully understands the message of our pocket hearts.

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Hong Kong

A teacher living in Hong Kong, Nerida shares hearts with her students to help them settle into school.

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Inspired by 1000 Hearts, Julie created an opportunity for young Balinese people to participate in their community and generate sustainable livelihoods.

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South Australia

Carolyn is addicted to making hearts, and finds inspiration everywhere...

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New Beith, Queensland

Following a serious motor vehicle accident, Linda sews hearts to aid her recovery.

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