Carolyn sent me this beautiful letter with a donation of hearts and I am going to let her speak for herself here - there's nothing I can add to her beautiful story, other than to say she has indeed done me proud.

"Hi Sarah,

Just enclosing my first batch of Hearts that I am so pleased will go to new homes far and wide. I am a new Heartist and have loved finishing my days watching some TV and making hearts.

I initially started to make hearts to get a jump on having a stockpile ready for when our new Palliative Care ward opens early next year so I could hand them out to staff and families at the opening, as I wasn't sure how many I could make and how long it would take. Well, since then I have been madly sewing away and lots of hearts have already found new homes, so my stockpile constantly needs topping up!

My grandchildren were the first recipients and took their time choosing just the right one and they just love them and since then my hearts have found many new homes. I make sure they have the 1000 Hearts info so everyone knows why they are made and distributed.

I started distributing hearts to my colleagues who seemed to be having their fair share of challenges, besides all the general issues we all have, from new carer roles, health issues, work issues, family issues among other things.

Some of Carolyn's beautiful hearts

Some of the feedback from recipients so far are from a woman whose husband had to have major surgery, who found comfort in being able to hold her heart in her pocket while waiting for him to come out of surgery. A young girl going on camp for the first time was too scared to take a teddy in case she was bullied, and tucked two hearts inside her pillowcase instead. A person struggling with returning to work after a bereavement could be seen rubbing her heart in her pocket as she walked down the corridor. A person currently struggling with some mental health issues found just receiving a heart brought her comfort. A patient returning home after an extended stay in hospital appreciated an Indigenous-style heart (I was extremely pleased you could accommodate me placing an order of just indigenous colours).

The inspiration to my very modest embroidery is, my attempt at tulips for my Dutch heritage, rainbow kisses as named by my grandchildren, Indigenous style for our Indigenous patients, and Snowflakes because who doesn't love Elsa and Frozen??

Anyway, I hope the hearts find new and loving homes and thank you for creating such a joyous group and an activity I feel I can contribute to in even just a small way.

Thank you for all you do to spread kindness, I hope I do you proud in spreading some too.

~ Carolyn"