Kindness, community and creativity.

1000 Hearts is a kindness project based in Hobart, Tasmania - offering people a symbol of compassion and care through handmade pocket hearts.

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Our small journey of 1000 Hearts

Hi, I'm Sarah - and I believe that kindness can change our hearts and our world.

1000 Hearts is a kindness project that I started in 2016 because I wanted to spread some love and compassion.

About 1000 Hearts
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"“In a world full of turmoil and uncertainty, a simple thing like your hearts can make a difference” - Gemma
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Rhonda's Heart Story From Berri

Rhonda makes hundreds of hearts to honour her beloved son Danny, who took his own life nine years ago.

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Make your own pocket hearts

Making hearts is easy to learn even if you’ve never sewed before.

It uses basic sewing skills with a few little tricks, and the kits come with instructions and the template for the original 1000 Hearts pocket heart.

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Resources and Downloads

View and download relevant resources, information and logo files for 1000 Hearts.

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Single Hearts Flyer

The flyer for distribution with individual hearts.

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Heart Starter PDF

The essential resource for making pocket hearts.

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