About 1000 Hearts

1000 Hearts is a global kindness community which started in 2016 from a random act of kindness...

I started making hearts because I was tired of feeling helpless in the face of pain and grief. I wanted to bring some comfort and hope to people who were struggling.

When I began 1000 Hearts, I hand-stitched one thousand pocket hearts to be given away at no cost in random acts of kindness. I received a small grant from another kindness project called Long Distance Love Bombs, and used the money to post the initial thousand pocket hearts to anyone who requested them.

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Our Story

  • I sent packets of hearts to the 76 people who volunteered to share them in their communities. Very quickly, I started getting messages from people who received the hearts I had made and was touched to realise the power of kindness. People told me that they carried my heart as a talisman of love, courage, hope and comfort. In many cases, people expressed that carrying a heart helped them to deal with anxiety, grief, depression and separation from loved ones. There were so many beautiful stories, I knew something special was happening.

    Many people asked me for additional hearts to share, and a lot of people wanted to make hearts themselves, using the same size and shape I had created. A community started to grow from my small act of love; a community where kindness and connection are valued and hearts are healed.

  • Since the project started, I’ve made many thousands of hearts and many others have joined in, creating a global network of “heartists” committed to spreading kindness. Together, we have offered hearts to people struggling with a wide variety of challenges like loneliness, mental illness, sickness and bereavement. We have sent hearts to places impacted by violence, natural disasters and acts of terrorism. We have also offered thousands of hearts to charities, services and individuals who need a bit of love.

    Here at 1000 Hearts, we believe that kindness can change the world. If you believe in the power of love and compassion, you’re in good company


The 1000 Hearts community embodies the magic of kindness.

Members of our community (Heartists) make hearts and share them with incredible generosity and love, simply because they want to contribute something good to the world. Heartists often send their hearts to me, so I can distribute them to hospitals, charities, schools and groups who request them.

This photo was taken by my friend, artist Nikala Bourke, and shows me buried in donated hearts. It captures the vulnerability and gratitude I feel when I receive kindness.

To me, it is a special kind of magic.