Jackie and I e-met through her business, Dream a Little Creations. She makes gorgeous, sustainably handmade children’s clothing and contacted me for hearts to include in some of her parcels (she likes to include a little gift surprise in random packages…how lovely is that?!)

I was intrigued to see my hearts being used by a business in this way, and loved seeing them included in Jackie’s social media posts and stories. I got in touch to ask if she’d like to share her story in the Heartland and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. As is so common when connecting with beautiful, complex humans, I got more than I bargained for when Jackie shared her story with me:

“When my middle son Samuel, who was only 8 years old, passed from cancer in 2013, one of my dear friends gave me a heart, a chime heart. Different to yours as it was ceramic, but I carried that little heart around with me for years, until slowly I was strong enough to not need it anymore.

When he was sick for the year before he passed, our hospital stays were long, hours that turned to days that turned to weeks. So, I crafted. From that crafting my little handmade business - dream a little - was started. At that stage of our lives, we could only "dream a little", as having a child with cancer meant our future with him was uncertain.

Jackie's lovely creations celebrate colour and magic

 After he passed away, I threw myself into my craft and it was the best grief therapy around. Six years later I am still sewing away, and mostly what I try to create is magic. I create for children and I try to capture the magic in vintage and new prints, of rainbows, fairies, unicorns...all the stories, adventures and fun! 

Then I came across your magical hearts! 

Straight away after reading your beautiful story I just had to find out more and had to help spread the love. And so, my first handful of hearts were sent out to my dear little customers.

I hope to help spread more of the love, as I totally understand needing that little extra kindness in times of great loss or sorrow.

I'm so glad I found you.️.. I will cherish my beautiful heart I have from you xx”

I don’t know how it can still amaze me, but it does; I am constantly struck by the healing power of kindness, slow-and-steady stitching and simple hearts. What a beautiful story of loss and renewal, thank you Jackie x