Prue discovered 1000 Hearts when her daughter was introduced to the project and started making hearts - she's enjoying the process of choosing colours for felt and thread and deciding whether or not to adorn hearts with embroidery and embellishment because "unadorned hearts look just as beautiful as those with patterns". Prue writes:

"It’s a tough world out there. And getting tougher.

Each day we hear of trauma and disaster and such constant tension batters its way into our consciousness. Some of us can live with it and move on, but some can’t and it seems to me that anyone under duress needs a little kindness. Damn it, the world needs kindness!

So when my daughter told me that she and a friend intended becoming involved with 1000 Hearts, I was intrigued and felt the idea had great merit. These little hearts are symbolically so powerful. When I saw them for the first time, my own heart actually warmed. Like my daughter, I wanted to stitch them to give to folk who might get comfort from feeling one in their hands or in their pockets.

I stitch a lot – the very act of needle and thread gives me personal comfort and joy, so stitching hearts seemed a natural fit. And let’s be honest, stitching them and offering them where need is great is a two-way street. I too benefit from this.

I’m so glad I’ve begun. I finished my first six hearts last night. And this morning, one was delivered to someone whose need is great at this point in time.
It was a heartwarming feeling…"

You can read Prue's blog post about 1000 Hearts on her website:

Some of Prue's beautiful hearts