Heartist Resources

Flyers, Instructions and Posters

If you are part of 1000 Hearts, these branded resources are free for your use. Please respect my intellectual property by acknowledging 1000 Hearts as the source of your idea and inspiration when making and sharing hearts, and get in touch if you have questions about how to use the brand appropriately.

Mini-Flyer (hearts insert): You can include this when you give your hearts away - it explains the project and its purpose. You can download it here.

Dark Heart Mini-Flyer: insert for dark hearts is here.

Pocket Heart Instructions: the basic instructions and template sheet is here.

Visual Pocket Heart Instructions: created by my fabulous daughter Maddie, this is a simple, visual version for those who find it easier than lots of reading. This one can be found here.

About 1000 Hearts Flyer: incudes the basic info about the project, and it's here.

Poster - giveaway hearts: perfect for displaying next to hearts which are intended for people to take as needed. You can find this poster here.

Poster - Proud Heartist: put it up wherever you make your hearts! Get this poster here.

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