Share Hearts

What are you making hearts for?

Think about why you make hearts - what meaning does it have for you? Who would you like to share your hearts with? Where do you think kindness is needed?

These questions can kick start your heart-sharing if you're not sure where you'd like to offer them. There are endless possibilities, and this page provides a few ideas.

For many people, being part of the 1000 Hearts global kindness community brings a sense of connectedness and comfort, so be sure to use the free resources on this website to let people know that your hearts are part of a worldwide kindness movement.

Heartist Resources

So who do I give them to?

I get asked this question a lot; "I've made my hearts, now what do I do with them?"

This is entirely up to you, and there are so many possibilities. It's a good idea to think about what would have meaning for you and where you would like to make a difference. Do you particularly want to support children, animals or people with disability? Do you have a passion for volunteering and want to acknowledge others who volunteer?

Perhaps you work somewhere and think hearts would be a lovely addition to your services or product. Maybe you have experienced illness, struggle or trauma and want to help others who have been through something similar. Maybe you are a customer, patient or client of a business or service that could share hearts.

Ideas about where to give your hearts

  • Education

    Schools love to share hearts! If there's a school in your area, contact the office and ask if they would like some kindness hearts to share with students and teachers. You could also speak to the social worker, pastoral care team or school counsellors to see if hearts could be an addition to the care they provide students.

    Hearts are widely shared in primary schools, early learning centres, high schools, colleges and universities around the world and the feedback I receive about the difference they make is really beautiful.

  • Community Services

    If you have a favourite charity, non-profit organisation or community service, they are the perfect place to donate hearts. These services often have limited funding and support vulnerable members of our community, making them an awesome choice as a destination for your hearts.

    To find out if a service would like hearts, you can give them a call or visit their location, explain what you're offering and perhaps provide a few sample hearts so they understand what it's all about. I know so many charities who love to share hearts with their clients, volunteers and staff - lots go on to set up heart-making groups so they have an ongoing supply, too!

  • Health Care Services

    Healthcare workers do an amazing job, and people receiving care are generally feeling vulnerable, unwell and fearful, making health care services the perfect place to share hearts. Think hospitals, doctor's surgeries, cancer treatment centres, palliative care and hospice services, paediatric care facilities, aged care, mental health services....the list is endless.

    So many people contact me because they were given a heart while they were unwell or caring for a poorly loved one, and it is powerful to see how much it means.

  • Businesses & Services

    I've seen hearts in cafes, hairdressing salons, post offices, newsagent's, craft shops, vet clinics and animal hospitals, gift shops, Mum & Baby shops, beauty name it.

    People will often share stories with their hairdresser, local shop assistant, and if you're working in a business, you're usually good with people and can tell when someone is having a bad day. What better time to whip out a little kindness heart and gently hand it over with some words of support and encouragement?

    Next time you're out shopping or attending appointments, have a think about where it might be appropriate to share your hearts.

If you're still not sure...

  • For more ideas about where to share your hearts, you can connect with others through our Facebook group, 1000 Heartists. The group is all about connecting with others, sharing ideas, photos and hearts.

    If you're still not sure where to share your hearts, you can send them to 1000 Hearts for distribution. I get a lot of requests and make donated hearts available through community packs in the online store, and by sending them to services for free where budgets are tight.

    The postal address is: PO Box 206, Blackmans Bay, Tasmania 7052, Australia.

  • Where possible, please send hearts to me that are made from eco-friendly materials (natural fibres, recycled or reused materials) - this ensures the hearts we share send a message of kindness to people and our planet. I love it if you use the 1000 Hearts template, as this is becoming a recogniseable symbol of kindness for so many, but this is not required.

    It's best to keep buttons and attachments to a minimum, so hearts can be safely donated anywhere, as some embellishments can be a choking hazard for young children or others who may be at risk.

    If you have questions or are unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch - I love hearing from you.