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1000 Hearts

Original Heart Templates - PDF

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This is a PDF download of the four original heart templates, drawn by Sarah, the founder of 1000 Hearts. You get one sheet, with the four heart templates ready to print, cut out and create from.  

This is the perfect companion to the instructions sheets for embellished and stripey hearts.

At their widest point, the templates measure:

Large: 6.5cm

Medium: 4.5cm (this is the original 1000 Hearts template)

Small: 3.2cm

Tiny: 2.2cm

The large template is great for people who want to make pocket hearts and find it easier to work with bigger pieces. The little ones can be used to make tiny layered hearts, or to create mini pocket hearts (so cute!!) All four templates can be used to make embellished and layered hearts and are basically the gateway to endless creativity!

Please note that this is a PDF file and not a physical product - bonus, you get to download this and get creative immediately...the downside is that you don't receive anything in the mail for this one! You can purchase these templates as a set of acrylic heart charms in-store as a separate item.

    Original Heart Templates - PDF
    Original Heart Templates - PDF
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