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1000 Hearts

Dark Hearts Kit

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Dark Hearts are special...they acknowledge those times when life seems to lose its colour and hope seems far away. I created Dark Hearts during a time of personal struggle and stitching them always makes me feel like I am stitching a broken heart back together. They are made from dark colours, with rainbow thread as a reminder of the hope that holds us together. Perfect to make for people who are experiencing a time of darkness or despair.

The kit contains 40 pre-cut felt hearts in black and dark grey (makes 20 hearts; two pieces of felt per heart) and enough rainbow thread to make your hearts.
(NB stuffing is not provided).

You get:
- Dark Hearts instructions sheet
- 20 heart pairs cut from 100% wool felt in four colours (black, dark grey, speckled black and speckled charcoal)
- rainbow embroidery thread to sew your hearts
- a needle
- 20 card inserts, explaining the purpose and sentiment behind Dark Hearts                          - 20 biodegradable cellophane mini-bags to individually pack your hearts with the card insert

Whether you make Dark Hearts for yourself, a loved one or strangers, the power of these little talsimans is real - these hearts say "it's OK to be broken - I see your struggle and am here."

    Dark Hearts Kit
    Dark Hearts Kit
    Dark Hearts Kit
    Dark Hearts Kit
    Dark Hearts Kit
    Dark Hearts Kit
    Dark Hearts Kit
    Dark Hearts Kit
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    "I know sewing these little hearts will help heal my broken one."


    "It was so beautiful to see people's faces when we offered them a heart. Smiles, laughter, tears and more."


    "We carry our hearts with us everywhere as a constant reminder that a friend is thinking of us."


    "1000 Hearts helped me see beyond my pain and misery to those who needed to know that someone else cared for them."


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